Do you know?

  • Only 2% of guests respond to feedback or contact management for any questions.
  • 98% of the conversations end at the register (Ex : Guest left because of long wait time OR unavailability of specific flavor of product/food).
  • They just leave the store and most of such data are not available in actionable report format.
  • Such guest experience are never recorded and found in the system.


About Us

  • We built a custom recording hardware, software, AI technology to measure guest experience, guest expert team to validate e and convert the conversations into actionable service tickets for store management team
  • We built the technology  to use in our own stores and gained complete in-depth view of guest experience.
  • We are bringing the end to end solution to you so you know top 3 reasons for a lost customer or a happy customer.


Lets get started : Step 1

  • Install our proprietary audio recorder at guest/POS counter.
  • We have multiple options depending upon availability of electric outlet, internet at your register.
  • Have the disclaimer next to the recorder about the spot being recorded.


Step 2

All conversation are recorded & uploaded to our secure cloud network, they are processed through our voice AI technology software.

The actual guest conversations are filtered for specific words and sentiment that needs actions 

Example Conversations :

  • Guest left due to unavailability of particular flavor product/food
  • Guest leaving because of long wait time
  • Guest happy and appreciates the service


Step 3

  • Our AI software filters conversation that needs action and open JIRA tickets with attachments of the conversation.
  • Our guest experience experts filter the conversation further and open tickets in secure JIRA service desk to store management team for action.

(JIRA is top ticket management solution on cloud used in most organizations)


Step 4

  • Run reports for tickets (Ex : Lost customers due to long wait time last 1 month )
  • Read actions taken by the management
  • Fine tune further action and gain happy guests / improve sales !


Next Step

  • Like to see a in depth demo of how it is being used in existing businesses? 
  • Contact us for full personalized demo and pricing